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Lindab Seam Line

Lindab Seamline is a timeless and exclusive steel-based roofing material for standing seam applications. It is a Greencoat PLX system. The base material PLX is an extra soft zinc-coated steel sheet. The colour coating is a HB Polyester that retains lustre and colour very well. It can be used on any type of residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural building.

It is of tinsmith quality and is therefore easily mouldable. This allows our qualified and skilful craftsmen to work the material to fit even the most complex roof shape and design.

The Seamline sheeting is available in 17 traditional and modern colours with matt or gloss finishes.

Lindab also offers a Zinc/Aluminium version of Seamline called Aluzinc. A factory applied coating of aluminium and zinc mixed together, that creates a stunning silver shimmering effect surface. The surface is initially glossy metal with a rose pattern but after some time it dulls down, and eventually becomes matt grey.

The choice of colours and finishes, allow it to blend in with any of the surrounding buildings and landscape. With a 40 year guarantee and a 70 year life expectancy this provides the perfect problem-free standing seam roofing solution.

Benefits of Lindab Seamline:

  • Extremely mouldable.
  • Fits both modern and listed buildings.
  • Long lasting and virtually maintenance free.
  • Thermoacoustic insulation - the system allows the application of insulation.
  • 70 Year life expectancy

Our Lindab Seamline range offers high-quality, modern and attractive roofing solutions at a very competitive price giving you top value for your money.
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