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Composed of almost 99.9% Zinc with added Copper and Titanium to improve its mechanical properties, ZINTEK’s Zinc Laminate is an alloy manufactured under UNI EN ISO 900, which makes it the ideal choice for cladding and roofing.

The physical and chemical characteristics of the ZINTEK’s Zinc Laminate that ensures high malleability and workability levels, along with the possibility to combine it with materials such as marble, glass, steel or wood, makes it the perfect option for a multitude of installation techniques and application solutions.

With its slate-grey tone and a clean & elegant look, ZINTEK is the perfect cladding material for high-end architectural features in a wide range of environments, from new or historical urban centres to peripheries or even the countryside.

Theatres, shopping centres, airports, museums, sport structures, religious buildings, multifunctional centres, residential buildings, have all tested the versatility of this material, which proved to be the ideal choice for new and avant-garde buildings but also for restoration and requalification interventions.

Selecting ZINTEK for your projects means choosing the tangible and visible texture of a premium material that is “alive” and capable of keeping its value over the course of its lifespan.

Benefits of ZINTEK:

  • Fully Recyclable and Compatible with Current Environmental Laws
  • Durable & Long Lasting
  • With Low Maintenance & Restoration Costs
  • Aesthetically Appealing
  • Extremely Versatile with Excellent Workability & Weldability Capabilities
  • Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant

Our ZINTEK range offers high-quality, modern and attractive roofing and cladding solutions at a very competitive price giving you top value for your money.

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